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7 items to buy before bringing home a puppy

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The joy of bringing home a puppy can often be overwhelmingly exciting but remember to grab these items off our Amazon storefront BEFORE bringing home your pup so you and your new pup are ready!

Our store has items that we have personally used and loved. Do remember to keep it simple and basic at the beginning. Most cute things, like beds, collars, etc. that you find will quickly be ruined or outgrown. Keep it simple until they pass the teething and potty training stages to avoid losing money. Let's get started; below are the seven items to buy before bringing home a puppy 👏🏼

# 1 - Food and supplements such as a good grade probiotic and omega oiI. More on what food and supplements we use and how to chose on our blog "The new dog parents; guide to clean eating"

# 2 - Crate

# 4 - Harness

# 5 - Leash

# 6 - Dog bowels

# 7 - Chew toys

Young girl and young boy holding boston terrier puppy

A few other things worth mentioning; your puppy will come home with a health certificate that must be taken to your vet within 5 days of picking up your puppy for an initial health exam. We also suggest they go in at ten weeks old for a dewormer and booster shots. Then again, at 14 weeks for their dewormer, leptospirosis, booster shots, and rabies. Remember to also register your pup's microchip with your vet and 24Petwatch, a free chip registration company.

Another item to buy soon after, is a dog tag; we love the safety and use of ByteTag. You can use code OAC15 at checkout for a 15% off discount. You'll also want organic dog shampoo, poop bags for walks, and baby gates to set boundaries in your home from day one.

We created our Amazon storefront to make this process quick and easy for you. Click on each items hyperlink above to add items individually or click here to see all items and more in one place ready to add to your cart. No time-consuming search party is required! Link for our Amazon storefront is here.

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