What you need to know about our waitlist?

Updated: May 9

If you are reading this blog, that means one of our Dam's is going into heat! We are always overjoyed to announce future litters and this one will be just as special as the last. As the anticipation builds and your heart can feel a tickle of excitement we want you to be fully prepared, so let's get you ready for the opening of our waitlist!

Change is always a good thing, our changes are due to our high demand. We here at Olive & Co. Boston Terriers will no longer host a "No Obligation" waiting list. We have moved into a deposited waitlist and we can't wait to tell you all about it!

How does a deposited waitlist work?

When the email titled "Our waiting list is open" is released to our email subscribers, it will include a direct application link. You will need to open the link, answer every question and submit it. We will only accept as many applications as we have the number of spots open at that time, then close the application link. We will send out an email every time a place is open on our waitlist with the application link attached.

Approval is at our discretion as we (Olive & Co. Boston Terriers) reserve the right to refuse sale. Once your application is reviewed, an email will be sent letting you know if your application was approved for a face-to-face Zoom interview. This interview is imperative for both us as the breeder and you, the prospective puppy family, to ask any questions. It's also the perfect time to get to know each other.

IF you are approved after the interview to be placed on the deposited waitlist, you will place a $500 non-refundable payment (25% of total) paid via an invoice (plus processing fees) or Venmo (no fees) to hold your place on our O.A.C. Boston terrier waiting list. You will also need to sign a short, legally binding reservation agreement simply stating that this blog was read to completion and understood without question.

This ensures us that you are a serious buyer and also enters you into an agreement that you will be purchasing within the next two years. The reservation will not be locked in place until we receive the reservation agreement confirmation and the deposit is paid. You will receive a copy of the agreement and a formal invoice for your payment.

Your deposit goes towards the remaining $1500 balance that is due one week before picking up your pup.

We have found that this method of filling our waiting list has helped to reduce the overwhelming inquiries of the past. We are so appreciative of all of the beautiful families interested in owning an Olive & Co. Boston Terrier. We owe it to all of you to do better, which is the primary reason for this change.

When does the waitlist open?

Our waiting list will open up by email as spaces on our waitlist open up.

I found another pup elsewhere! Now what?

If you decide to purchase a puppy from another breeder and you want to revoke your reservation on our waiting list, the reservation fee will NOT be refunded.

Although your reservation is forfeited after two years, if you want to retain your reservation on our list even after purchasing a puppy from another breeder, you may as long as the guidelines of this list are followed.

A puppy will not be made available to a home with an opposite-sex non-neutered puppy to avoid accidental breedings. Proof of alteration for dogs owned by you will be requested before approval to make a reservation or purchase of a puppy is granted. In rare occurrences, an in-home visit may be required. If a home visit is not agreeable, kindly do not contact us about owning an O.A.C. puppy, as this guideline will not waiver if needed.

How will I know where I am on the O.A.C. waiting list?

Your place number on the waiting list will be noted on your invoice. As puppies become available and are placed, you will move up the list until it is your turn to choose a puppy. Please keep in mind that if you have a preferred choice of color or gender, that will place you differently on our list vs. "next" on the list.

If I am #1 on the list does that mean I get pick of the litter?

Having #1 position does not guarantee pick of the litter. Olive & Co. Boston Terriers reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter we produce. A puppy is only made available to our list after initial evaluation, and we chose not to keep any of our pups. If we choose to keep all puppies from a litter, that is our right as the breeder of the litter. We DO NOT raise Boston Terriers as a source of income; we breed to better the Boston Terrier breed. We can not better our program unless we keep the best of the best to further the next generation of our bloodlines.

What if I want a specific gender, color, or marking?

The genetic diversity of our Boston Terriers can produce any number of purebred puppies with varying coat colors, markings, and eye colors in each litter. It is not a breeding goal of Olive & Co. to produce specific colors or entire litters of like-colored puppies. If you still prefer a color-specific puppy, your spot on the waitlist will hold for up to two years; after those two years, your spot on our waitlist will be forfeited.

Do you ship your puppies out?

All of our puppies must be placed face to face. We do not ship our puppies, however, we will gladly meet you at our local Tampa International Airport (TPA).

How much are your puppies?

We do not use a scaled pricing list like other breeders that will charge more for certain colors or sex of puppies. We view all of our puppies as equals regardless of

color, sex, or markings.

For this reason, we have a set price of $2000 (+ Florida sales tax of 7%) for all of our puppies. They are each placed as pets without breeding rights (legally binding alteration contract). At this time we DO NOT offer breeding rights.

Our price includes:

• AKC registration

• Vet wellness appointments

• Age-appropriate blood test panels

• Vet health screening

• Fecal test

• Deworming

• Age-appropriate vaccinations

• Florida vet issued health certificate (expires 30 days after issued

• Upbringing and socialization

• Microchip

• AKC registration, care, health/genetic testing, food, and vet visits for parents

We at Olive & Co. are always as transparent as possible. If you have any questions that were not answered above please feel free to email us at info@oliveandcobostoneterriers.com. We can not wait to share more with you soon!

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