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Meet Odin & Adonis
our handsome and available studs

As a female dog owner looking to breed, you have expectations, needs, and wants according to breed standards and what you want to implement into your future generations. We here at Olive & Co. believe that while creating generations of healthy and aesthetically pleasing Boston Terriers is extremely important, we also want to keep in mind the welfare of both Boston parties in the mating.

Mating dogs should be selected for their suitability for each other. Taking into consideration size, weight, and even personality. A dam and a sire can be bred naturally or through artificial insemination. No matter which option is used, both dogs should be examined. Therefore Dam's are approved on a case-to-case basis.


Dam basic requirements before stud services can be set up are as follows:

• AKC registered

• CMR1, DM, HUU AND JHC testing

• STD Testing (Brucellosis) for natural inseminations

• Veterinary certificates

• Up-to-date vaccinations and rabies

We provide all the above along with a three-generation pedigree.

Odin stud service
Odin past litters

Odin's past litters

About me


Name: Odin "Odie"

Birthdate: November 16, 2020

Weight: 24 pounds

Natural insemination: $1000 or first pick

Artificial insemination: $1,500

To see his genetic testing, click here