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the adorable faces that inspire our work

Meet the Ladies and Gents of Olive & Co. 

All Of Our Dogs Are Authentic
Multigenerational AKC
Boston Terriers

• Both parent breeding dogs are extensively health-tested according to the recommendations and guidelines set by the AKC and for predisposition in the Boston Terrier breed: JHC, BAER, CAER, DM, DNA profiling, genetic panel, coat trait, and color genetics.

• Our dogs are microchipped and litter-trained. They meet specific guidelines for temperament, health, and coat type.

• Our Boston's are not only aesthetically pleasing, family-loving, adventure-seeking pups. They also have unique and incredible personalities, silly antics, and sunny dispositions. The way their lip gets stuck underneath, and their teeth hang out, the way they can't sit properly, and even their ridiculous-sounding farts

We only breed our best dogs in order to equip them with clean genetic variation in color and structure to continue improving this incredible breed. Bred from the highest quality stock, and the health and happiness of all involved is our number one priority. In short, this looks like:

Olive & Co. Boston Terriers logo



Sperri - Dam

Sperri is a super chill girl who wants to be under her mama. She's a hunter, wrestler, wanderer, and love bug who is treat and toy-orientated.

Nicknames: Butch

Weight: 25 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Red

Parents: Olive + Waldo

Red Boston terrier

Ivy Mae - Alpha - Dam

Ivy is alpha by choice. She is loyal and has the best army crawl you've ever seen! Did we mention she has a foot fetish?

Nicknames: Peanut

Weight: 22 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Seal/Brindle

Parents: Olive + Waldo


Freya - Dam

Freya has a personality that is very similar to her mother and father. She is calm, loving, and such a good momma. She is a first-generation Olive & Co. Boston Terrier directly from our lines!

Weight: 23 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Red

Parents: Sperri + Odin

Red boston terrier
Brindle boston terrier

Penny - Dam

Penny is everything and more! She is dominant (definitely the next Alpha), yet playful, calm, and obedient. This girl won't miss a meal. She is also a first-generation Olive & Co. Boston Terrier directly from our lines! Check out her parents below.

Weight: 25 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Brindle & white

Parents: Sperri + Odin


Calliope - Dam

Calliope is in a league of her own. She is somehow both hesitant and spontaneous.

Nicknames: Callie

Weight: 26 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Red  

Parents: Sperri + Adonis

RH1_1104 2.jpg

Ginger - Future 2025 Dam

Ginger is just as cute and spunky as her mama. She's playful, but a good listener and very treat-orientated

Nicknames: Gigi, Gingerbread, Gin Gin

Weight: 17 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Red 

Parents: Ivy + Odin



Odin - Sire

Odin is good ole faithful. He's a clean-cut kinda guy, a man's man. He's the most chill dude and momma's boy you'll ever meet.

Nicknames: Odie, Odin the all-father

Weight: 22 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Classic Tuexedo Black + White

Interested in stud services from Odin? Click here to learn more!

classic black and white male boston terrier
Red fawn boston terrier

Apollo - Sire

Palito is a loyal friend who won't leave your side. He's silly, calm, and put together. He loves romancing the girl.

Nicknames: Palito

Weight: 22 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Red fawn

Interested in stud services from Apollo? Click here to learn more!



Adonis - Sold

He's my best friend, but his traits easily sell. He is rambunctious yet calm, has the BEST Boston smile and personality, and does well with children and other dogs! He has been neutered and is UTD on shots and rabies

Nicknames: Donnie, Donnie Boy

Birthday: March 14, 2021

Weight: 23 pounds

Color: Lilac Sable

Genetic Testing results: Click here


Olive - Our Matriarch - Sold

Momma goose, rat killer, and cuddle bug who needs to be underneath a blanket to sleep. She is spayed and UTD on shots and rabies.

Nicknames: Ollie, Ollie babies, Olivin

Weight: 23 pounds

Health: JHC cleared

Color: Red

To see her past litters click here!

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