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We are always overjoyed to announce future litters! As we prepare for the next, knowing that this one could be yours, we want you to be as fully prepared for our waitlist as your heart is for a new bostie pup! 
We raise happy, healthy pets you and your family can cherish. We want to ensure our pets are placed in homes where they will thrive. Our adoption process is thoughtfully designed to take you from application to puppy ownership with as little stress and as much joy as possible!

Woman holding a red fawn boston terrier puppy



How The Waitlist Works


# 1

Litter Is Here

Our email email subscribers are notified that a new litter is here! Enjoy watching them grow through our Instagram and Facebook stories and reels. 

# 2

Email & Application

Our process begins when our pups are 4 - 5 weeks old. Get ready to receive an email with details on our litters and a link to apply to our waitlist. We suggest adding us to your VIP so you are notified immediately

# 3

Zoom & Deposit

After you submit an application, you will receive an email with the next step: our Zoom Meet and Greet! Once approved, you will pick up your pup and submit your reservation agreement and deposit.

More detail into how our deposited waitlist works?

When the email titled "Our waiting list is open for_____" is released to our email subscribers, it will include a direct application link. You will need to open the link, answer every question, and submit it. We will only accept as many applications as we have the number of spots open at that time, then close the application link. If you can not submit your application. Our waitlist has closed. We will send out an email every time a place opens on our waitlist with the application link attached.

Approval is at our discretion, as we (Olive & Co. Boston Terriers) reserve the right to refuse sale. Once your application is reviewed, an email will be sent letting you know if it was approved for a face-to-face Zoom Meet & Greet interview. This interview is imperative for both us, the breeder, and you, the prospective puppy family, to ask any questions. It's also the perfect time to get to know each other.


If you are approved during the interview, you will choose your pup and pay a $500 non-refundable payment (plus processing fees) to hold your place on our O.A.C. Boston terrier-approved waitlist. You will also need to sign a short, legally binding reservation agreement simply stating that you've read this page to completion and understood it without question.

This ensures that you are a serious buyer and enters you into an agreement that you will be purchasing from the litter to which you applied. The reservation will be locked once we receive the reservation agreement confirmation and the deposit is paid. You will receive a copy of the reservation agreement and a receipt from your formal invoice for your payment. Your deposit goes toward the remaining $1900 balance due when your pup is 7 weeks old.

We have found that this method of filling our waiting list has helped to reduce the overwhelming inquiries of the past. We appreciate all the beautiful families interested in owning an Olive & Co. Boston Terrier. We owe it to all of you to be better


Olive & Co. Dogs


You’ve taken the time to do your research on the Boston Terrier breed, know this is what you want, and have intentionally thought through your puppy plan and purchase


You value ethical breeding, treatment, and upbringing and want to purchase from a responsible breeder


You are eager and willing to properly care for your Boston Terrier

Woman holding a traditional black and white Boston terrier puppy


you might be wondering about...


Building our program with outstanding breeding dogs is a great start, but there is a lot more that goes into raising an exceptional puppy. Your pup will follow Puppy Culture and BAB curriculum starting their second week of life and continue until they join you in your home at 8 weeks old. Our “puppy Pre-K” includes Early Neurological Stimulation, desensitization to loud noises, and plenty of activities and socialization experiences designed to help puppies become brave and confident. Pups also begin potty training and crate training. We raise our pups in a way that empowers them to transition easily to your home.

As an added assurance, we will provide a one-year health guarantee with each puppy, provided that the written agreement for puppy care between the breeder and new owner is followed. This guarantee covers genetic diseases only and does not cover minor, non-life-threatening health conditions such as ear infections, obstructions, epiphora, Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS), etc.

Your new puppy will have received all age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming, microchip, and a physical examination by our Veterinarian. Each puppy will receive a health certificate, and you are required to have a follow-up check-up by your veterinarian within 72 hours of going home to validate the health guarantee. 

Puppies are sold as pets and will go to their new homes on a spay/neuter contract. They are expected to be spayed or neutered by six months of age. Upon proof of spay/neuter, you will receive your puppies' AKC papers.

Your investment also includes the following:

• Dewclaw removal

• Vet fecal test

• Upbringing and socialization

• Care, health/genetic testing, food, and vet visits for parents

other frequently asked questions

I found another pup elsewhere! Now what?


If you purchase a puppy from another breeder and want to revoke your reservation on our waiting list, the reservation fee will NOT be refunded. However, if you want to retain your reservation on our list even after purchasing a puppy from another breeder, you may as long as you follow the guidelines of this list.


To avoid accidental breedings, a puppy will not be made available to a home with an opposite-sex non-neutered puppy. Proof of alteration for dogs owned by you will be requested before approval to make a reservation or purchase a puppy is granted. In rare occurrences, an in-home visit may be required. If a home visit is not agreeable, kindly do not contact us about owning an O.A.C. puppy, as this guideline will not be waived if needed.


How will I know where I am on the O.A.C. waiting list?


After you've filled out and submitted an application, we will email you Zoom Meet + Greet times and information if we still have available pups. During our Zoom call, we will approve or disapprove your application and will, at that time, let you know what spot you hold on our waitlist. Please keep in mind that if you have a preferred choice of color or gender, that will place you differently on our list vs. "next" on the list.


If I am # 1 on the list, does that mean I get pick of the litter?


Having the # 1 position does not guarantee pick of the litter. Olive & Co. Boston Terriers reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter we produce. After an initial evaluation, a puppy is only made available to our list, and we chose not to keep any of our pups. If we choose to keep all puppies from a litter, that is our right as the breeder of the litter. We DO NOT raise Boston Terriers merely as a source of income; we breed to better the Boston Terrier breed. We can only better our program if we keep the best of the best to further the next generation of our bloodlines.


What if I want a specific gender, color, or marking?


The genetic diversity of our Boston Terriers can produce any number of purebred puppies with varying coat colors, markings, and eye colors in each litter. It is not a breeding goal of Olive & Co. to produce specific colors or entire litters of like-colored puppies.


Do you ship your puppies out?

All of our puppies must be placed face to face. We do not ship our puppies. However, we will gladly meet you at our local Tampa International Airport (TPA) or hire a flight nanny to pick up and drop off your new puppy.

We are happy to provide lifetime support with each of our puppies and help in any way that we can. We are as transparent as possible. If you have questions that were not answered above, please feel free to email us at

Our support does not end when your puppy leaves our home
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