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The biggest mistake every future pup parent makes?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I can’t believe I am about to admit this because I have done it in the past too! But the biggest mistake I see every future pup parent make, is they become so overly excited to the point of becoming blinded!

Wait, what! How is this a bad thing? Shouldn’t I be that excited?

YES absolutely! But no at the same time. Let me explain.

Boston terrier puppy in the lap of a child

Whether you found a pup through a breeder or through a rescue you will have the same intense overwhelming feeling that everyone does. That I am so IN LOVE reaction that just fills your heart until you can’t take it anymore. But the second that happens you will become vulnerable and blinded, you will no longer see red flags or you’ll all together ignore those gut feelings because you just can’t wait and refuse to wait any longer.

Listen friend, I CAN NOT tell you have many times we are emailed with the “we have been scammed recently” story line. It hurts and angers us to hear these stories. But they happen to more people than you can ever imagine!

So listen when I say, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Even on us, go through our website, social media, google reviews and dig! Once you are in a trusted and reputable breeders hands, go ahead, go crazy! We want you to!

So I am sure you’re asking by now, how do I know if a breeder is a scammer or even a puppy mill? Don’t worry we have put together a list of a few red flags you just cant ignore. Ready, here we go:

• If you are local to the breeder and they refuse to show you their area or kennel or allow you to visit the place where the pups are being brought up or kept. • If you are not local they should provide some type of in person live video, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc... • If they are not asking you a lot of questions or has an “I don’t care” attitude • If they are not addressing your questions or concerns • Their is a lack of communication

• You should never be asked for your personal or bank information • Doesn’t at minimum provide a puppy application. • If you can click “add to cart” and pay for a puppy online. • If they ask for deposits before the puppies or even born yet. They can't guarantee you a pup. • Ask for a deposit before you have even seen (at least though facetime or Zoom) your pup. • Their pups live in outdoor cages that are open to the elements. • Looks to good to be true! Yes their are responsible breeders like ourselves that happen to be professional photographers, but we provide continual coverage of our pups through social media platforms, stories and our photos remain consistent. At the end of the day listen to your gut. Scammers are everywhere, not just craigslist, there is no platform that is exempted.


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